>Back to writing…

>I apologize for the absence on the blog. Please understand that I have been extremely busy since the first of May that has caused me to set my blog article writing on the top shelf and not pick it up again until today. Here is what I have been up to:

1. Finished up my Spring Semester at Southern Seminary by the middle of May. Had to write a paper for Missiology that I finished on May 10th, 2009.
2. Went to the Rotary District Conference in Franklin, TN on May 15-16th, 2009. Had a great time. The best thing about that event is that I am almost done with my year as Rotary President. I hand over the reins with pleasure to Todd Hampton on July 2, 2009 (only three weeks from today – 06/11/2009)!
3. When I got back from the Rotary District Conference I had two weeks to read four books for the History of the Baptists class. Plus, I had to start working on study guide worksheets for the class on these four books. The questions alone took up 15 pages! So, I had to plug away for two weeks trying to get through that in preparation for the class. All of my free time went to this project.
4. The class itself for History of the Baptists went from June 1 – June 5th, 2009 at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. I absoloutely loved the class. History is my favorite subject and learning about the heritage and legacy of the Baptist movement from 1608 to the present day was fascinating! Tough class though. Lot of hard work. I just finished the worksheets and mailed them in on June 9th, 2009 (Tuesday). I might write some blog posts about some of the most influential Baptists in our history from time to time.
5. Yesterday, I had the privilege of preaching at church during the Wednesday night prayer service. I preached on I John 2:28 – 3:3 continuing the exposition through the epistle. Our main discussion last night was on the subject of being confident that you are a child of God. I truly enjoyed studying that passage of scripture!

That brings me to today. I am in the midst of trying to get caught up with all the other aspects of my life that I had to put on hold to complete the History of the Baptists class, and therefore, I am starting up my blog writing again. It is good to be back!


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