>In Louisville

>Bonnie and I arrived in Louisville for the Southern Baptist Annual Meeting and seminary class last night after leaving Martin in the early afternoon. This whole day (9:00am – 4:00pm) I have been in a lecture session with my 100 classmates with Dr. Russell Moore. Dr. Moore spent the day getting us all prepared for what an annual meeting usually looks like. He also outlined the origins of Baptists in the 17th Century England and also the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States in 1845 and the denominational distinctives that make Baptists unique from other denominational groups. We also studied the details and breakdown of the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program and also were introduced to some controversy that the Southern Baptist Convention is experiencing over the funding of convention agencies. At the end of the day, we covered the Conservative Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention that started in 1979 (this convention marks the 30th Anniversary of that event).

The Pastor’s Conference starts tomorrow evening. I will share my notes on this blog each night after the events of that day.

Looking for to it…

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