>And the most popular baby boys’ name in England is…

>You may already know this but were you aware that the most popular baby boy’s name in England is now Mohammed.

Check out this article:


This is very interesting and shows the state of Christianity in England. We need to pray for a revival of Evangelical Christianity in England, the country that gave us Baxter, Wesley, Newton, Wilberforce, Whitfield, and so many others.

>No Other Name – Acts 4:12

>A couple of weeks ago, we at Dresden First Baptist Church had a scripture memory verse, Acts 4:12. Here is the verse with verse 11 to provide a small amount of context:

“This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the cornerstone. And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” ESV.

This is another scripture on conversion that highlights the exclusivity of Christ. Evangelical Christians do not make up the belief that Jesus is the only way to salvation. There are ample passages of scripture that point to this doctrine, this being one (John 14:6 being another). There is no other way under the sun to receive salvation except through the blood of Christ Jesus. This has massive implications – with one I would like to highlight today:

Major Implication: If Christ is the only way, and he is, then Christians must evangelize the world for Christ and be not ashamed of the gospel! There are over 5 Billion lost people in the world today, and this statistic simply blows me away. We must work in our local churches to get connected and mobilized for Great Commission tasks. In other words, our main goal is to be about making disciples.

There is no other name, but the name of Jesus that brings peace and salvation. Let’s bring that name to the nations.

Amen, let it be so.

>Fast Fact about Missions (10/40 Window)

>I have been studying a course on missions in seminary this semester and the statistics on the lostness of certain parts of the world are absolutely staggering. Here are some good numbers for you to think about:

1. 25% of the World’s Population has never heard the gospel and have absolutely no access to the Gospel. That is over 1.5 billion people.

2. The 10/40 Window as pictured in the image on this post contains 60% of the world’s population or 3.6 billion people and include 37 of the 50 least evangelized countries on the planet.

3. The three dominant religions in this region of the world (Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism) account for the following population:
a. 1.1 Billion Muslims
b. 1.0 Billion Hindus
c. 600 Million Buddhists

4. Although over 60% of the world’s population live in this area of the world and a vast percentage are unreached by the Gospel, only 8% of evangelical missionaries work among them.

5. 82% of the poorest of the poor live in this area of the world.

6. Of the 2,161 people groups (or approx. 1.7 billion people in the 10/40 Window who have NO access to the gospel):
a. less than 10% have the New Testament translated into their language.
b. Less than 10% have the complete Bible translations in their language.
c. Less than 20% have the Jesus film in their language.

*these statistics were taken from lecture on the 10/40 Window